Curlew, golden plover and lapwing all bred in good numbers on the moor through the 1990s but appear to have declined after the gamekeeping stopped in 1998.


Abundance of three wader species on Langholm survey transects since 1992. Transects are based on standard British Trust for Ornithology methods.

Meadow pipit numbers, although generally related to the nature of the habitat (they favour grass dominated moor), have shown large changes in number which suggest they were reduced by the hen harriers when they were at their peak.


Field vole numbers, as in many parts of the UK, fluctuate every 3 to 4 years.

Numbers of badgers have increased at Langholm since the start of the project and their range is expanding onto the edge of the moor. Monitoring of sett occupation and contacts during counts of foxes are used to track these changes.

There is a wild goat population on the Langholm moor. Numbers are managed at a stable level by shooting in order to limit impacts on habitat and tick distribution.


Photo - Laurie Campbell