The project is run by an administrative Board of representatives of each of the partner organisations. The Board is currently chaired by Mark Oddy, Estate Manager for Buccleuch Estates.

The Board oversees the employment of staff for the gamekeeping (run by Buccleuch Estates) and for the research trial (run by Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust with support from RSPB).

Results are assessed and research procedures checked by a Scientific and Technical Advisory Group chaired by Dr Robert Kenward.

Spokespersons for the project are:

Prof Des Thompson Scottish Natural Heritage
Mark Oddy Buccleuch Estates
Dr Adam Smith Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Duncan Orr-Ewing RSPB
Emma Lusby Natural England

General inquiries about project management please contact:

Graeme Dalby Langholm Moor Demonstration Project

Photo: Stephen Tapper