The Langholm Moor Demonstration Project is run by a Board of Directors which includes representatives from each of the partner organisations. The chair rotates on a 3 yearly basis and it changed in 2011.

Project board

L-R: Susan Davies, Teresa Dent, Mark Oddy, Liz Newton, Duncan Orr-Ewing, in the field during the June 2011 meeting of the project board.

Members of the Project Board

Andrew Bachell Scottish Natural Heritage
Rob Cooke Natural England
Graeme Dalby Project Manager
Teresa Dent Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
Mark Oddy Buccleuch Estates
Duncan Orr-Ewing Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Adam Smith Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

The project general manager is Graeme Dalby; in charge of co-ordinating all aspects of the project.

The project work is carried out by two teams:

A management team consisting of gamekeeping staff headed by Simon Lester.

A science team of field workers who are responsible for planning and carrying out the bird counts and other wildlife surveys. This is led by David Baines of the GWCT.

Advising the Board on science and moorland management is a Scientific & Technical Advisory Group.The chair of this group also rotates on a 3 yearly basis and changed in 2011.

STAG June 2008

L-R: Rab Clark, Graeme Dalby, Jeremy Greenwood, Jeremy Wilson, Ian Newton, Mick Crawley, Aly McCluskie, Damian Bubb, Dave Baines, Steve Redpath, Sarah Eno, Nick Sotherton, Robert Kenward, Alex Jameson, Simon Lester, Ian Langford, Mark Oddy.

Members of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group.

Jeremy Greenwood  
Mick Crawley  
Stephen Redpath  
Robert Kenward (Chairman)  
Alan Edwards  
Alex Jamieson  
Ian Newton  

Staff of the project and representatives or observers from the partner organisations also attend meetings of or make presentations to the Scientific and Technical Advisory Group. These include Des Thompson, Nick Sotherton, David Baines, Jeremy Wilson, Ian Langford and Simon Lester.



Photo: Stephen Tapper